Click here for terms and conditions & read the postage and handling page before purchasing - ****Customer order limits*** 10 plants per customer - 1 of each plant per customer - Due to Bulk repeat orders being placed it has become necessary to place restrictictions on customer - to catch up on a backlog of orders and to protect the industry.

A note from Julie

Hello, I'm Julie and I am so excited to be able to share my great love of plants with you. 

All too often we see a business as a seperate entity to that of the person who owns and runs it. However, it's important for me that my own journey be part of this business and simply an expression of who I am.
This business is a part of me, like an extra limb.

This business has been one of my most greatest personal achievements. Through years of trial and error and a willingness to learn and grow from the ebs and flows of business and all that life throws at us.
(packing customers precious plants for transit in rain, wind and snow is demanding of personal growth and determination in of itself) 

I am always learning and growing and it is with so much gratitude that you are here sharing this journey with me. 

Here's to many glorious years of growing in the garden.

Julie xx