Click here for terms and conditions & read the postage and handling page before purchasing - ****Customer order limits*** 10 plants per customer - 1 of each plant per customer - Due to Bulk repeat orders being placed it has become necessary to place restrictictions on customer - to catch up on a backlog of orders and to protect the industry.

Terms and Conditions - Order Limits - Policy

Purchase Limits

1 of each rare breed per customer 

All large orders over 10 plants unless otherwise arranged with Julie prior to purchase will not be filled and refund issued.

Due to the current circumstances; where stocks have been severely depleted plants have been in high demand during these interesting & unprecedented times.
It is deemed necessary and fair to have strict limits on purchase quantity per customer.
These are the Terms and Conditions that need to be adhered to when shopping at my online store, Julie's Garden Emporium. 

I am a small retailer not a wholesaler.
If you are looking for larger quantities you will need to source your own wholesaler.

You are required to adhere to these guidelines or you will be refunded.

If you are a repeat offender you will be banned from returning as a customer.